Elegant Home Entrances

The mood of a home unfolds at the threshold. A beautiful and inviting foyer or entryway ushers visitors into the space and hints at the personal tastes, lifestyle and interests that await inside.

The artwork displayed in the entryway sets the stage for anyone who walks through the door, shaping their first impression of the home. Welcome guests with well-chosen furnishings. Consider placing a single sculptural chair in an entry or hallway, where it will stand out as both art and a gesture that they should stay for awhile. While not every entrance is roomy and spacious, narrow entryways are perfect for prints, paintings and mirrors, encouraging an intimate interaction between the viewer and the object.

Elegant home entrances must always be free of clutter and obstructions. Whether decorating to stay or staging to sell, this high traffic area of the home demands a delicate balance of function and grace.

elegant home entrances